Dash Cam Buying Guide

While it used to be almost impossible to find a dashboard camera for civilian use – these products were almost always exclusively installed and police and emergency service vehicles, and just not accessible to the general public – things have changed dramatically in the industry. Thanks to modern technological innovations in both processors, flash state hard drives and storage systems, and a boost in cheaper super high definition camera equipment, you can have your very own dash cam installed in your vehicle in just a few short hours.

This offers you a number of different benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy right away, the kind of peace of mind that other car owners just won’t be able to have. While not exactly a critically essential component to driving on our modern roads and highways, it definitely won’t hurt to have a dashboard camera installed in your vehicle in the event of an emergency situation. This quick and short guide will give you all of the insider information you need to understand why you would even want a dash cam in the first place, who makes the absolute best dash cam out there on the marketplace today, what you should be specifically looking for when you invest in a dashboard camera set up, and where you can find the very best prices for your new dashcam.

Let’s get started!

Why would you want a dash cam in the first place?

As mentioned above, a dashboard cam is not exactly the most essential piece of safety equipment you have in your car, but it can be a very worthwhile addition for millions and millions of drivers all over the world.

The first reason that you’ll want to install a dash cam into your vehicle is simply for recording all of the evidence in case of an accident or crash. The cold reality that we all have to live with is that some of the drivers that we share the roadways with are not exactly the most ethical people, and at the first sign of trouble they may flee the scene, leaving you to have to deal with the accident all on euro. With a dash cam, this is not a problem anymore as you’ll have completely unbiased video footage of the event that you can use in legal proceedings or two make sure you have recourse throughout the entire process.

A dashboard camera is also an essential tool for those who are looking to do nothing more than commit insurance fraud, something that happens at an almost alarming frequency all across the globe. Some people will flip on their brakes while driving through the highway knowing that you’ll smack right into the back of their car, and because you were the driver from behind you will be routinely cited for the accident. This means that your insurance will go up for the rest of your life, you’ll have to pay any and all medical and civil costs because of this so-called “victim”, and will have to deal with all of the other hassles. Often times, these insurance fraud hucksters will try to get you to buy them out for $500 or more, but when you install a dashboard camera you’ll be able to turn the tide on them.

Another critical reason that you’ll want to invest in the absolute best dash cam you can find on the market today is for theft protection while your car is parked or unattended. Not only will you be able to catch the physical description of the perps who would break into your car or vandalize it, but you’ll also be able to protect yourself from hit and run accidents that are becoming more and more commonplace. Again, this all comes back to the kind of peace of mind that you deserve a knowing that your vehicle is going to be 100% protected even when you’re not around.

The final reason that will talk about here for why you should absolutely invest in a dash cam – but not the last reason out there by any stretch of the imagination – is that you’ll be able to document poor, malicious, or drunk driving incidents all on tape. This can mean a world of difference when you’re trying to help clean up your streets in your town, giving you the concrete evidence you need to move forward with your case and supply all of the legal services the proof they need to get a conviction.

Who makes the very best dashboard cameras?

While there are a whole host of brands offering all different kinds of dashboard camera solutions, the fact of the matter is that they are almost always produced from Korea, China, or Taiwan factories. The cold truth of the matter is that Korean cameras and technology are almost always of a higher grade and more reliable, but you will absolutely pay less when you invest in Chinese cameras. Taiwanese camera systems are also very high-end and consistently ranked at the top of the durability lists, but they are not nearly as small or discrete as the others.

What are the critical components of investing in the right dash cam?

Hands down the very first thing you’ll need to pay attention when looking for the right dash cam is to be certain that it has high quality video output and storage. You’re looking for something that can shoot in high definition, something that has become totally and completely commonplace across the industry. You’ll also want to make sure that there is something that can record video in crystal clarity even in low light situations, such as when you’re driving at night or in dense fog. The last thing you want to do is invest in a camera that will only work during the day like and let you down consistently in inclement weather or at night.

You’ll also want to make sure that the dashboard cameras you’ve decided to move forward with is small enough and discreet enough so that people won’t be able to identify the fact that you have a recording system running. If they notice that you have a dashboard camera setup installed in your car, they are likely to destroy it and then destroy your car just to try and Barry any and all evidence.

Where should I buy my brand-new dash cam from?

There are a whole host of different places you could invest in the absolute best dashboard camera setup, but almost all of them are broken into two distinct and different categories – retail locations that can actually install the product right after you’ve purchased it and online locations that have the absolute best prices and deals. Depending on your specific needs and whether or not you’ll need professional assistance when installing your dashboard camera, you’ll have to make the deeply personal choice for which of these two directions to move forward with.

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